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Leading advisors to government, corporations, world leaders, and financial institutions, we have earned a reputation for crafting innovative business and government solutions. 

Lack of cross-cultural communications can kill your business deal. Effective cross-cultural communication is the key to success in today’s age of globalization. Businesses and leaders need to engage with partners and customers from around the world. 


MS Global offers clients turnkey public affairs strategies including cross-cultural negotiations, media relations, community positioning & consulting, and crisis management. We have represented and worked with the following communities across the United States: 


Hispanic & Latino Americans

Arab Americans

Asian Americans [Pakistani, Indian, Korean Americans].

American Muslims


Gwinnett County Government Outreach Division

Georgia Asian American Journalists & Media Outlets


Deming, Parker, Hoffman,

Campbell & Daly, L.L.C. (Law firm)


Georgia Asian American Legislative Taskforce


Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders

Political Briefing with fmr. Congressman Mike Honda

Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta

Andrew, Merritt, Reilly & Smith, LLP (Law firm)




MSGlobal Partner, LLC hosted, chaired, and managed Asian American Judicial Diversity Panel with Judges and Lawyers

MSGlobal Partner, LLC hosted, chaired, and managed Asian American Korematsu Day at the State Capitol with lawmakers, Civil Rights Leaders, and community leaders.



MS Global Partner, LLC managed and chaired Political Tracker, Inc. A Media and political summit discussing demographics, political, electoral landscape in Georgia politics. 

The forum to explore the future Georgia’s shifting demographics and political landscape, the role of Asian Americans, African Americans, and Latino Americans in Georgia politics, the impact of diversity in Georgia politics, legislation.

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