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global connections; local strategy

The MS Global "International Desk" team includes affiliations with several former diplomats, top Washington lobbyist, former U.S. Senators, former U.S. Representatives, former White House officials and numerous lawyers and professionals who have served in the top levels of United States agencies, the U.S. Congress. We have strong relationships with senior government officials in many countries, either directly or through affiliations.


Federal & Foreign Government Representation

The White House

The U.S. Senate

The U.S. House of Representative


Department of State

Department of Defense

Department of Agriculture

Department of Commerce 


U.S. Embassies in Washington, D.C.

International Trade Representatives

U.S. Consulates




Agriculture Sector

Banking and Finance

Capital Markets



Emerging Business

Energy & Environment


Homeland Security


International Trade Policy

Non-Profit Sector

Real Estate

Technology Sector

Telecom Industry

The State of Georgia

The State of Florida

The State of South Carolina

The State of Alabama





international trade 

Global commerce and government regulation have a dynamic impact on companies involved in the international trade of goods and services. Whether through the revision of national laws and regulations, or the negotiation of international trade agreements, increased and changing regulation can lead to increased complexity in dealing with new rules and procedures. Our International Trade group helps clients navigate the risks and maximize the opportunities associated with this increasingly complex web of regulation.


Our International Trade practice revolves around our role as trusted advisors to our clients because of our deep understanding of the intersection of law, business, and policy. We add value to our relationships through the efficiency of experience, expertise, and concise advice.


  • Spearhead business initiatives

  • Business expansion & site selection 

  • Develop organize and run coalitions, business councils or chambers of commerce

  • Deepen relationships with senior U.S. and foreign government officials and with leaders on Capitol Hill

  • Represent American businesses with foreign embassies, consulates, and chambers of commerce

International Trade

u.s. pakistan practice

The MSGlobal Partners, LLC Pakistan practice group can assist both Pakistani and American companies and governmental entities with every stage of governmental relations, lobbying, and trade. Our experts and policy advisors are familiar with the legal, business and cultural practices in both countries. We understand and can anticipate the risks of managing the business, governmental relations matters with multiple business and governmental entities.

For Pakistani businesses and clients, we provide practical advice, creative solutions for doing business in the United States. For U.S. clients, our relationships with governmental agencies and corporations in Pakistan can smooth their path. We can advise Pakistani and American companies on the best method for representing their company.

Over the years our experts and public policy advisers have worked with a variety of groups focused on US-Pakistan relations. As a leading government relations firm with strong connections (US & Pakistan Government / Business Groups), our team has the firsthand knowledge of financial, economic and political changes that impact US-Pakistan affairs and bilateral trade.

  • Legal Issues in Pakistan - Our advisors can connect you with attorneys in Pakistan

  • Liaison to Pakistan Embassy in Washington, D.C. - Our advisors have a working relationship with Pakistan Embassy and Consulates

  • Trade & Business Expansion in Pakistan - Sector knowledge – our team is experienced in a wide range of areas that are well suited to Pakistan’s requirements and growth areas including: banking, consumer, education, energy, financial services, healthcare, infrastructure projects, international trade, IP, IT, M&A, manufacturing, outsourcing, real estate, retail, technology, telecoms and transport.

U.S. Pakistan Practice
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