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Atlanta Fire Cricket Team Hire MS Global Partners to Lead Tourism, Government & Business Relations

Atlanta, Georgia (5/11/2021) -- Atlanta Fire, a professionally licensed cricket team, hires MS Global (Mughal Strategies Global Partners, LLC) to head government affairs, business development, and tourism initiatives to promote cricket in the State of Georgia and United States.

Atlanta Fire becomes the first cricket team in the United States to launch a nationwide effort to promote cricket in the Southeast. MS Global Parners, LLC is assisting Atlanta Fire with potential venue development (including public-private partnerships), media representations, sponsorships transactions, and global sports tourism ventures.

MS Global sports practice represents a wide range of clients in matters relating to professional and amateur sports, including individual athletes, sports facilities, athletic associations, and professional teams.

The Atlanta Fire’s CEO and President said in a statement that Farooq Mughal will help develop public policy, economic development, tourism, and media initiatives and work with Chambers of Commerce, Georgia Economic Development, and the State of Georgia on local and state sports initiatives.

Farooq Mughal recently represented mixed-use development adjacent to the Mall of Georgia by Atlanta Falcons All-Pro wide receiver Julio Jones and Atlanta Gladiators - Ice Hockey Team.


MSGlobal Partners, LLC is a team of government affairs and public policy professionals with years of experience in both government and business. We help clients worldwide achieve critical business objectives by combining lobbying, political, and policy expertise; representing a wide range of clients—from corporations to government, to trade associations to individuals—in virtually all industries. We develop and implement successful business, governmental, and political strategies that advance your goals.

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