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Farooq Mughal Appointed to Gwinnett Place Mall Redevelopment Board

Gwinnett County, Georgia (8/14/2021) - Chair of the Gwinnett County Community Outreach Board and Managing Partner of MS Global Partners, LLC - Government Affairs, Farooq Mughal appointed to Gwinnett Place Mall Redevelopment Board.

The Community Partner Advisory Board (“CPAB”) is a group of community leaders who will provide strategic advice to the County and HR&A around engagement and development of the Equitable Redevelopment Plan. CPAB members will attend group meetings and inform overall engagement direction, participate in a series of community events organized by the County and HR&A, and host small-group conversations with their community and local networks.

Gwinnett County purchased the Gwinnett Place Mall site to lead the redevelopment process and transform it into a unique regional destination. The County's vision for the property is one of equitable redevelopment, which ensures that the future of Gwinnett Place Mall will be one where all residents share in its growth and feel welcome and included.

This entails connecting the property to the vibrantly diverse communities surrounding it rather than creating an isolated space and protecting and supporting the local businesses and families who thrive there. To fulfill this vision, the County will create an Equitable Redevelopment Plan, a roadmap that will shape the redevelopment of the mall and the County's actions to make it a reality.

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