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Farooq Mughal Hosted American Pakistan Business Development Delegation at the Georgia State Capitol

Atlanta, Georgia (9/20/2021) - MS Global Partners, LLC - Government Affairs and State Lawmakers hosted a high-level American Pakistan Business Development Delegation from Pakistan. The delegation was received by State Representative Pedro Marin, Senator Nan Orrock, and Forsyth County Sheriff's Office.

America Pakistan Business Development forum (AMPAK-BDF) is the collaboration forum for business development in the USA and Pakistan. We serve as a source of information and an easily accessible platform, for both the American and Pakistani communities having business and investment interests in Pakistan & the USA. The forum incorporates professional and expert individuals, who are handy with running corporations in Pakistan and the USA and have active involvements with American and Pakistani government representatives, private sector companies, and strategic think tanks.

"We are honored to host a business delegation from Pakistan. The U.S. has been one of Pakistan’s most important trading partners and remains a major source of investment. In 2019, our firm was honored to draft a House Resolution honoring Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan," said Managing Partner Farooq Mughal.

U.S. Pakistan Practice - MS Global Partners, LLC

The MS Global Partners, LLC Pakistan practice group can assist both Pakistani and American companies and governmental entities with every stage of governmental relations, investment, economic development, and trade. Our experts and policy advisors are familiar with the legal, business, and cultural practices in both countries. We understand and can anticipate the risks of managing a business, governmental relations matters with multiple business and governmental entities. For Pakistani businesses and clients, we provide practical advice, creative solutions for doing business in the United States.

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