Farooq Mughal Hosted Georgia Port Authority & Lawmakers to discuss Economic Development & Logistics

(2/15/2019) - Atlanta -- MS Global Partners, LLC - Government Affairs Team hosted Georgia House members on International Trade and Commerce Sub-committee along with Georgia Port Authority, Savannah Economic Development, Savannah World Trade, Consul General of Japan, Consul General of Mexico, and Georgia Economic Development at the State Capitol to discuss the future of international trade, logistics and economic development.

In making public policy, it would be very useful to know the value of an extra dollar invested in transportation. It would be useful to know where, geographically and demographically, to invest that dollar. It would also be useful to be able to track the transportation sector’s contribution to the gross domestic product (GDP).

"Transportation industry is a massive enterprise with substantial direct and indirect effects on Georgia's economic productivity and economic growth. Transportation industries—the provision of transportation services, the manufacture of vehicles, and the construction of infrastructure—are major economic activities in the State of Georgia," said Mr. Farooq Mughal.

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