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Georgia Governor Kemp’s proposed budgets for FY2019 and FY2020

Below are the major highlights from Gov. Kemp’s budget:

New Programs

  • Behavioral Health, mental health counselors in high schools: $8.4M

  • Behavioral Health, expansion in capacity for adult crisis centers and beds: $28M

  • Mercer University, Columbus Medical Campus: $9.332M

  • Department of Education, school security grants: $68M

  • ATL Link Transit Authority (new agency): $2.4M in operational funds

Major IT/Consulting Projects

  • Department of Audits and Accounts, advanced data analytics: $600,000

  • Department of Agriculture, enterprise real estate assessment: $75,000

  • Community Affairs, study to track economic development grants: $144,000

  • Environmental Protection Division, development of a statewide water plan: $14M

  • Dept of Community Health, Medicaid Management Info. System replacement: $5.696M (plus federal funds)

  • Department of Community Health, prepare a Medicaid waiver application: $1M

  • Department of Community Health, Medicaid asset verification system expansion: $2.7M

  • Department of Human Services, update the SHINES system used for child welfare: $3M

  • Department of Revenue, online tax payment system: 1.75M and additional staffing funds

Major Capital Expenditures

  • Georgia College, Science Complex: $18M

  • Kennesaw State University, Academic Learning Center: $39.5M

  • Georgia State University, Convocation Center: $48M

  • Wiregrass Technical, Allied Health Building: $29.485M

  • West GA Tech, Carroll Campus: $49.5M

  • Secretary of State, new voting system: $150M

  • Georgia World Congress Center Authority, pedestrian mall and bus depot: $22M.

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