Georgia’s 2021 Legislative Roundup & Key Business Issues

Updated: Apr 2

MS Global Partners, LLC (Mughal Strategies Global Partners) is honored to provide significant legislative representation to publically and privately held companies conducting business in Georgia. During the 2021 Georgia legislative session, our firm continues to represent the City of Tennille, Georgia, Tennille Downtown Development Authority, Stockmar Airport (Douglas County), Atlanta Gladiators, and United Hemp, LLC.

4/1/2021 -- Atlanta, Georgia: Georgia’s General Assembly ended its 2021 session on 3/31/201, with lawmakers acting on the state budget and other key business issues. Here’s a look at the status of some significant issues:


INCOME TAX CUT: Georgia will raise the amount of money someone could earn before paying income taxes under House Bill 593, which Gov. Brian Kemp has already signed, cutting overall taxes by $140 million.

TAX BREAKS: Senators and representatives made a deal Senate Bill 6, which creates or extends a number of tax breaks but forgoes an overall review of how much revenue the state is forgoing because of tax breaks.

LAWSUIT LIABILITY: House Bill 112 would renew until July 2022 Georgia’s law protecting businesses and others from being sued if someone blames them for contracting COVID-19.

COCKTAILS TO GO: Georgia diners could order mixed alcoholic drinks to go when ordering food under Senate Bill 236.

TEACHER INCENTIVES: House Bill 32 would give a $3,000-per-year state income tax credit to some Georgia teachers who agree to work in certain rural or low-performing schools.


SPORTS BETTING: Senate Resolution 135 and Senate Bill 142 would have let Georgia’s voters decide whether to allow sports betting. Lawmakers would have split the proceeds among college scholarships for low-income students, expanded high-speed internet access, and rural health care services.

Courtesy of WABE & Associated Press.


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