Washington County Chamber of Commerce Selected MS Global Team to Oversee USDA Broadband Research

Updated: Jan 18

Atlanta, Georgia -- Washington County Chamber of Commerce in Middle-Georgia selected MS Global Partners (Mughal Strategies) to oversee USDA Broadband Highspeed Internet Survey Analysis. The Chamber has recently initiated a Rural Broadband Task Force to study and promote the expansion of the internet thought the County. Survey data will be used to generate a report for the federal government, business organizations, community stakeholders, and elected officials in Washington County, Georgia.

"We were honored to be selected by the Washington County Chamber of Commerce. We have deep personal roots in Middle-Georgia and truly care about the economic development in rural areas of our great state. USDA Broadband's high-speed internet survey analysis will benefit Washington County in pursuing economic development, the delivery of educational opportunities in higher education and public education; state and local law enforcement; state emergency preparedness; and the delivery of health care services, including telemedicine and telehealth," said Managing Partner Farooq Mughal.

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